The Creative

My name is Orion Elise and I am the Owner and Artist of CodeBlueCreative and Sentire Magic. My company was established with a pure love of art and desire to share my perspective in various mediums. Throughout my work I choose to place my energy and my heart into the design. It is a place of freedom that is unmatched. I am self taught in all areas of art and I continue to seek knowledge and new techniques to enhance the brand experience.
I have been a creative and clairvoyant all of my life. Often times I felt these forces worked against me as it caused me to stand a few steps aside from the crowd. Growing up I did what I could to fit in and NOTHING WORKED. Finally I decided to accept my path and embrace that I was made to be different. Having these struggles with myself gave me an extraordinary compassion for others that struggle with their own self-esteem and self acceptance. A lot of the work that I create I hope can be used as little tokens and keys towards helping to make the "unusual" and the "odd" not want to change but to ENHANCE and EMBRACE how beautiful it is too "BE". 
I am a Wife to an amazing husband and together we have three amazing children. We work as a family in the entertainment field and love having the ability to express ourselves in so many creative ways. We as a family have faced a lot of hard times together. The moments that we thought were sent to bring us harm turned around and built us into a stronger more cohesive unit. We have built a family business separate from CodeBlueCreative. However, it is my goal and my mission to honor my children by building a brand that they will continue to enjoy and keep the core values for themselves.